The real strength of the organisation however comes from the work of our many affiliated groups, who are active in their local areas and regions promoting the NPC’s campaigns. This makes the Convention unique, as the only national campaign group in the country which is run by pensioners for pensioners.

To keep our supporters informed the NPC also produces a bi-annual newspaper called The Message, a monthly Campaign! email bulletin, briefing papers and pamphlets, as well as organising seminars, training sessions and provides speakers at meetings all over the country. The Convention also maintains a library of useful information on a wide range of subjects, which is available to both groups and individuals on request.

With more support the NPC will be able to continue to develop its organisation and strengthen its influence as the campaigning voice of both today’s and tomorrow’s pensioners.

Join as an Individual


You can join the NPC directly at a national level. You can pay by cheque or standing order using the form here, 

Become a friend
of the NPC

If you have yet to become a pensioner, you can become a Friend of the NPC. We ask a minimum annual contribution of £1 a year. Full details can be viewed here.

Join your local group or region

You can also join your local or regional NPC group. We have 16 active regional and devolved nation branches. See the full list hereSend us your address and we will put you in touch with the right group for you to join.


You can donate by sending a cheque to our head office. 

You can also raise money for the NPC when you shop online. It will not cost you anymore, but the NPC will receive a small donation from the retailer. For more details click here.

You can also leave us a gift in your will. 

Affiliate your branch or local group

Get your local pensioner/trade union branch/residents/

community group to affiliate. Download a form here.

Sign up for the free monthly email Campaign! Bulletin by sending us your email address.


Subscribe to the NPC’s bi-annual newspaper, The Message for £10 a year. Email us for a Standing Order Form or send a cheque/postal order.



The National Pensioners Convention needs to gather and use certain information about individuals. These can include members, affiliates, suppliers, business contacts, employees and other people the organisation has a relationship with or may need to contact. Our policy and statement how this personal data will be collected, handled and stored to meet the National Pensioners Convention data protection standards, and to comply with the law.

Read our Data Protection policy here, and statement here

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