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Minds that matter

Understanding mental health in later life

Poor mental health is not an inevitable part of ageing. But people of all ages and stages of life can struggle with their mental health and wellbeing.

In this new report, we look at the life events and circumstances that can affect people's mental health in later life. These include things like bereavement, loneliness, ill health and caring responsibilities.

Focusing mainly on anxiety and depression, the report also describes people’s mixed experiences of seeking support from GPs, therapists and other services.

It highlights the common barriers and makes recommendations for what needs to change to improve support for older people and ensure they can live a mentally healthy later life.

The report draws on interviews with people in later life – vividly describing their experiences and attitudes through a range of real-life stories – as well as survey and polling data.

Download the Independent Age reports below

Download PDF • 319KB
071020 - Minds that matter
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