Older People's Day - Care Sector Webinar

NPC to hold emergency debate on the crisis in the care sector and the impact of Covid-19

The event can be live streamed from the NPC YouTube channel


The National Pensioners’ Convention is inviting health and care leaders and politicians to an emergency webinar summit on the crisis in the country’s care system on Older People’s Day (1st October 2020, 11.30am).

The UK’s largest campaigning organisation for retired people is concerned that reform of the ailing and disjointed care sector is being put on the back burner despite fresh demands on the system from the new spike in Covid-19.

The NPC fears the government’s decision to delay promised reform of the sector until next year will lead to even more of the UK’s oldest and most vulnerable losing their lives, and causing heartbreak to even more families.

The OP Day online event – Goodbye Cinderella: Time for A New Settlement for Care Services - will be led by a panel including NPC General Secretary Jan Shortt, Professor David Oliver, Consultant Gerontologist and Visiting Fellow at the King’s Fund, and Dr Jean Hardiman-Smith, Chair of the NPC Health and Social Care Committee.

The webinar will also be attended by senior care sector stakeholders, policymakers and politicians in front of an online audience of NPC members watching via a live feed on YouTube.

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary said: “The NPC has called this emergency webinar summit to highlight the scandalous neglect of the UK’s care system, and to discuss a viable alternative – the establishment of a National Care Service, free at the point of need for all like the NHS.