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SOS NHS Demo - 11.03.23

SOS NHS are holding a demonstration about the unprecedented crisis in the NHS; with staff forced to take strike action about pay and working condiitons and exposing the political choices this Government is making to underfund and privatise the NHS. This is also a moment just ahead of the Spring Budget to bring people together around an issue that unites us all.


The demonstration will assemble at 12pm Midday, on Saturday 11 March, at the north-most end of Tottenham Court Road (Euston end) opposite Warren Street Underground Station NW1 3AA then march to Whitehall where there will be a closing rally opposite Downing Street.


  1. Emergency funding now

  2. Invest in a fully publicly owned NHS & guarantee free healthcare for future generations

  3. Pay staff properly: without fair pay, staffing shortages will cost lives

Full details about the SOS NHS demonstration are on the below link


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