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What Can We Do about Pensioner Poverty?

The North West Pensioners Association will be holding a public meeting entitled “What Can We Do about Pensioner Poverty?” on October 19th, in Central Methodist Hall, Oldham Street, central Manchester. You can find the full details below.

You may be aware that of the 12½ million pensioners in UK, over 2 million live in poverty. And that the poorest pensioners are, disproportionally women and people from minority ethnic groups. Of course, poverty in retirement is the result of a lifetime of social and economic disadvantage. And those who are poorest are least likely to be organised, as retired members, in trade unions or pension campaign groups. But we do not have to passively accept this serious blight on our social fabric. We don't know all the answers: at the meeting we will hear what some local organisations are presently doing – and there will be opportunity for you to ask them questions about their policies and campaigns. We would like you to contribute your own experiences, comparing your own ideas with others and possibly formulating some actions for the future, both within your organisation or for the wider community. The North West Pensioners Association are inviting representatives from pensioner representative and campaign groups, social welfare organisations, women's organisations and minority ethnic communities' representative groups, trade union bodies, advice giving organisations, faith groups and tenant groups, as well as political groups

  • to examine the present situation for pensioners living in poverty, in North West England.

  • discuss what policies, campaigns and immediate approaches we can make, within our organisations and in the wider society, to address pensioner poverty.

  • identify how we can support each other in addressing pensioner poverty in North West.

Please discuss this meeting in your organisation and register to attend on Eventbrite by clicking: Book your free ticket or by emailing the NWPA at


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