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How to write a fantasy book

How to write a fantasy novel

Of course, each established writer has his own algorithm for working on a book. But we can pay someone to do your essay at least roughly determine - what steps we need to take to write our novel.

Where do we start with a fantasy story?

The first step might be to work out your fantasy world or create a full-fledged hero for the story. It doesn't matter if you have an idea for the main conflict or not yet. No matter how interesting or twisted the plot is, it's the world that makes a truly memorable fantasy story. And the hero - unusual, bright, with unique characteristics. Engage, first and foremost, these two aspects.

To get inspired, essays for sale come up with a name for the main character - one that you like. But remember, "as you name a boat, so it will sail. And you can choose a working title for the book. Any, as long as you like it. And you can always fix it or change it for something else.

And one more secret - while working on the book, be very attentive to our familiar reality. Notice anything interesting, unusual and inspiring. This habit can give you lots of details to enrich your story, make it more alive and bigger.

The second thing you need to do is to determine the beginning of the story. In other words, where does it start?

In a classic fantasy story, the plot is usually an event that disrupts the usual course of events.

For example, the discovery of some ancient artifact. Or an attack by unknown villains on the home, the main character's family or himself. Or any other incident that prompts the hero of the story to act and, as a rule, to go on a journey.

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