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AutoCAD 2020 introduced improved import for much-needed markup information. The new Markup Import feature greatly simplifies the process of sending feedback to you and incorporating the changes into your drawing. You can import information from printed paper, PDFs, Word documents, images, and even objects. Even if you use a different drawing application for drawing, or use a different version of AutoCAD, you can still use Markup Import.Markup Assist lets you quickly send feedback to other users. You can email, send, or fax a Link to a Drawing. Or you can even send a Link to a Drawing via the chat function of your favorite instant messaging application. For example, send a Link to your supervisor using AutoCAD and ask them to review the changes to your drawing.Revision History:Revision History makes it easy to see and manage your previous versions of any file. You can go back in time to undo any change or add annotation to a drawing.For example, mark a change as the desired revision with the 'Replace previous version' tool. Later, you can find the previous version of the drawing by using Revision History. You can then update the drawing to the current version.In addition, you can apply annotation to a drawing with the 'Apply annotation' tool. Simply pick a revision of a drawing you want to annotate. You can even update the drawing after you've annotated it.User Authentication:User Authentication is a new addition to AutoCAD 2023. You can now quickly add a user or group to the list of users who have access to drawings. Also, you can now revoke a user from the list of users.You can add a user from the 'Open CAD User' tool. The user can be any of the users who can open drawings in AutoCAD.In addition, you can revoke a user from the list of users. The user will no longer be able to access drawings. To revoke a user, follow the steps in the video.Smarter Interfaces:UI changes:Toolbars: You can now hide the first few toolbars in the Navigation bar by pressing Ctrl+H on Windows. You can later restore the toolbars by pressing Ctrl+T. The toolbars are now more useful as they are now accessible when you are working in another drawing. This makes it easier for you to switch between drawings 2be273e24d


AutoCAD [Win/Mac] [April-2022]

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