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How to make your ESA dog medically fit? - 2022 Guide

Ah! The question that always comes to the mind of ESA owners having esa letter for housing. No matter how lovely their current ESA might be.

Don’t feel bad.

It is only natural to be curious if you are allowed to keep more than one ESA even if it is the same type of animal.

Well, the answer to your question is YES! Hurrah! Yes, you can keep two ESA dogs as long as you have the ESA Letter for both dogs. I am afraid you can’t keep two ESA’s with the same letter. Let me tell you more about it.

So, yes having more than one ESA is allowed.

But… here’s the catch!

First, a medical professional will have to determine if you need a second ESA at all.

Since you already have an ESA dog, most people would assume that your emotional support needs are being met.

Well, those people can be wrong and YOU know it.

You can absolutely need more than one ESA. There is no shame in it and you just have to embrace your two dogs.

Does it matter if the ESAs are the same type of animal?


You can totally keep two ESAs even if they are both dogs.

It's possible that one dog provides you comfort when you are anxious while the other one helps with stress.

You can’t expect just one dog to cover all your needs, right?


So, it doesn’t matter if your second animal is a dog or a cat, or a bird. What matters is that it gets approved by a medical professional.

What kind of medical professional?

This is an important question and one that you must know the answer to.

So, the letter to own an ESA can only be given by medical professionals. These professionals include psychologists, psychiatrists, or licensed counselors.

The most common person to give such a letter is a licensed medical healthcare professional.

These people evaluate you and let you know if you need an emotional support animal letter.

How is it done?The easiest way to get such a letter is online. Whether you have a big dog, a small one, or prefer medium-sized dogs, it won’t matter if you just get your letter online. Here is how.

You will find a reliable and legit website that can get you in touch with a medical professional.

Remember! That professional must be from your own state or your letter won’t be considered legit.

How to handle two ESAs?

This, my friend, might just be the hardest task of all.

What you need to do is keep your dogs entertained. Now, there are two ways to do this: activity or playtime.

You can take your dogs out on walks and in parks to keep them active or you can play with them. I have found that building a DIY dog house is the best way to cater to the needs of any or all your dogs.

Whether your dogs like to stay at home or go out, it won’t matter if they have a fun activity to participate in.

So, really! It’s not that hard to take care of more than one animal, even if it is an ESA.

Are multiple ESAs approved easily?

Well, that really depends on you and your ESA.

You see, a medical professional will get in touch with you to understand your situation.

Now, it is up to you to tell them why you need more than one ESA. You are going to have to explain your needs to others.

Then, as long as your ESA is in good condition, there is no reason why a medical professional would disapprove of your request.

So, go find a website online to get a second ESA as soon as possible. If you want to apply for an esa letter, visit

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