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Better Buses

The website for the national Better Buses campaign is now active! You can find it at:

It has been set it up with as much local information as possible - but this list needs broadening and kept up to date! So please look and check whether you're happy with what's included. If you can add an email contact for your area, please send this and it will be updated ny Better Buses. (Similarly with any plans for activities around campaigning in your area - or national events).

If you have photos or videos you'd like to be included please do send these to Better Buses. The website includes copies of the leaflets for advertising any planned Week of Action events in your area plus other resources and reports which might be helpful.

Better Buses has also created a more general leaflet about the campaign which might be useful during the Week of Action or any other relevant events or activities. Like the others, this can be edited to add local information - the national contact details are already there too. I've attached a copy of this new leaflet - I hope it is useful.

Download the Better Buses leaflet

2xA5 BB leaflet general
Download DOCX • 21KB


Franchising begins in Greater Manchester on 24th September. There is a celebration event planned to mark the occasion (watch the website for full details!), but wherever you live, you can be part of the celebration.

"We Own It", part of the Better Buses campaign, have sent this message on how we can publicise and spread the demand for public control of bus services:

Join our Better Buses picture action in 4 simple steps:

  • Print out our template sign (available here), or simply take a blank sheet of paper, and write on what region you want to see have publicly controlled buses next and why you want your buses back. e.g., because... privatised buses never turn up on time, we need to stop the fat cats driving up fares, shareholders prioritise making profits over protecting routes from cuts. To see an example, look here.

  • Take a picture of yourself with your message — it can be a selfie or you can ask someone to take a picture of you.

  • Post your picture on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform you use. Remember to tag your MP so that they can see your message.

  • Please post your picture with the message “Greater Manchester is launching its Bee Network to integrate public transport under public control later this month. I want our area to join the Bee-Day Party and take buses into public control too! #BeeDayParty @BetterBusesGM @We_OwnIt"

  • If you don’t use social media, please send your picture to so that we can share it for you.



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