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This brand new NPC pamphlet details the case for improving the state pension system for both today's and tomorrow's pensioners. Essential reading!

£2.00 plus p&p. 

This is the most comprehensive policy on housing and older people; covering every aspect of the issue. A must read for anyone wanting to understand how the housing crisis affects pensioners.

£2.00 plus p&p. 

Except for a period of seven months when he fought and was severely wounded with the International Brigade in the Spanish Civil War, Jack Jones devoted his entire life to the battle to better the lot of his fellow working men and women, through Trade Unionism. Read his fantastic autobiography.

£5.00 plus p&p. 

This joint pamphlet with Unite the Union outlines the campaign for young and old to defend the welfare state and public services. The perfect response to those who say there is a generational conflict. 

£1.00 plus p&p.

The NPC produces a biannual newspaper called 'The Message'. It covers all the issues affecting pensioners and gives an update on current campaigns. 

20p or free for affiliated groups. 

Based on presentations given to retired workers in both France and the Republic of Ireland, this brand new pamphlet outlines some of the issues surrounding the question of Brexit and older people. 

£1.00 plus p&p. 

This classic NPC pin badge is essential for anyone wishing to publicly show their support for the Convention.

£1.00 plus p&p. 

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