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Charging the sick for being sick? Don't you dare

The NPC is supporting the 38 degrees petition 'Charging the sick for being sick? Don't you dare'.

Healthcare is a right for all of us who need it, not a privilege. Our NHS has always been free when we need it. Keep it that way.

You can find the petition on and details further below

Why is this important?

Former Health Secretary, Sajid Javid, has suggested patients should be charged a £20 fee if they ask for NHS treatment without seeing a GP first.

Charging sick people for being sick would end the NHS as we know it. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown raised the alarm - and now we are as well.

This isn’t the first time something so dangerous has been floated. Rishi Sunak said patients should be charged £10 for missing appointments, and some Conservative grandees have suggested the same. But, every time, public pressure forced them to back down.

Make no mistake, this is an attempt by the same people who have spent a decade underfunding and understaffing the NHS, bringing it to its knees, to make paying for healthcare seem a normal way out of this crisis.



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