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End Digital Poverty Day

NPC members will be supporting a range of important nationwide events to mark End Digital Poverty Day on Tuesday, 12th October.

Organised by NPC partners, Digital Poverty Action the day aims to raise awareness of the pressing issues faced by people of all ages who are digitally excluded in the UK. DPA believes that everyone should be able to interact with the digital world when and how they need to, and is committed along with its partners, like NPC to end digital poverty by 2030.


Tuesday, 12th September 2023

The NPC’s Connections For All campaign, promoted by our Digital Working Party has been working to inform and enable more older people – the UK’s largest digitally excluded group – to get online, and issue regular free newsletters (available via NPC).

Sadly, millions face multiple barriers to connecting, learning and accessing vital digital services, because they cannot afford a laptop, a smartphone or broadband. But many still can’t get online because they don’t know how to use a computer or the internet.

NPC General Secretary Jan Shortt said: “Digital poverty isolates millions of older people, and the NPC heartily supports the DPA and End Digital Poverty Day.”

Anyone can take part in a range DPA events - online webinars, in-person workshops or talks across the UK ( – to mark End Digital Poverty Day. Whether you want to improve your computer and internet skills, or simply learn more about the End Digital Poverty campaign, there is something scheduled near you.

Digital Poverty Action (DPA) is also hosting a free webinar – ‘Is Universal Internet Access Becoming an Essential Human Right?’ - at 11am on the 12th. Led by Elizabeth Anderson, Interim CEO of DPA, and Matt Adam, CEO and Founder of We Are Digital, a trailblazing organisation dedicated to bridging the digital divide.

They will discuss the causes of digital poverty and the growing number of solutions that people can access.



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