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Goodbye Cinderella: A letter to your MP (England)

Dear affiliate,

Many of you will be aware that the NPC recently produced a pamphlet, ‘Goodbye Cinderella’ A New Settlement For Care Services, (copies still available from the NPC office), and have sent a copy to every MP in England. Please see below a draft letter which we are asking our members to use, when contacting their local MP on this very important issue.

If you write, and should you get a response please where possible forward me a copy,

Many thanks

Jan Shortt

NPC General Secretary

You can find your local MP on

The letter is available for download below

Letter to MP re Goodbye Cinderella - tem
Download • 13KB

The letter template reads:

Home address


To …. MP

Dear. . . . . .

Goodbye Cinderella: A New Settlement for Care Services

Moving Forward from the Pandemic

The National Pensioners Convention’s above named report (pamphlet) on the crisis in social care was sent to you in June this year, and as a pensioner living in your constituency, I am now writing to ask you to support the recommendations for reform which it sets out.

In his foreword to the report, leading gerontologist, Professor David Oliver welcomed the recommendations, saying, “I wish politicians and public alike would get behind them.” He went on to say, “Let us move towards a national care service with national standards of care and registration for staff, tax funded, working with the NHS, with the capacity to provide services to all those with needs and fully integrated with housing and preventative services.”

On 1st October, the UN International Day for Older Persons, the NPC hosted a webinar event when a number of prominent medical professionals explained their experiences of the social care crisis and expressed their support for the NPC’s recommendations. Since then the importance and urgency for reform of this important public service has been highlighted by Amnesty International’s report on the scandalous treatment of care homes, their residents, and their staff during the pandemic.

It is time for change. The older people and their relatives you represent in Parliament are entitled to know your views on this vitally important issue. Therefore, I am asking you to kindly treat this request with the urgency it demands.

Yours sincerely,




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