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Integration of primary and community care

The Integration of Primary and Community Care Committee has published its call for evidence, inviting the public to provide their views on the delivery of integrated primary and community care services as part of its inquiry.

The NPC would encourage you to submit your views, should you so wish to.

The Committee is particularly keen to receive submissions from those with direct experience of accessing or delivering primary and community care services.

The deadline for submissions is 23.59 on Monday 17 April 2023.

Full information can be found on

Aims of the inquiry

Primary and community care services provide vital support to millions of patients every day but, like much of the NHS, are now under considerable strain. A longstanding challenge for primary and community care is how to adapt existing healthcare structures and better integrate services within the wider health and care system.

The inquiry will explore improved ways to integrate the delivery of effective primary and community care services. The inquiry will consider the challenges facing the sector and any barriers preventing further integration.

The success of existing models of integration will be examined, including the role of Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems. Access to primary and community care services will also be considered, as well as accountability and decision-making.


The public are encouraged to write to the Committee on the following issues:

  • The main challenges facing primary and community health services as well as possible solutions within the current framework

  • The main barriers preventing improved integration and how they could be overcome

  • Examples of successful or innovative models of integrated care, either in the UK or internationally

  • Possible impacts of the Government’s long-term workforce plan for the NHS on primary and community care staffing

  • The impact of recent structural changes to the NHS in England (enacted through the Health and Care Act 2022) on integration between primary and community care services

  • The role of primary and community care in addressing health inequalities and prevention

  • The potential benefits of technology and data sharing in improving patient access and experiences

  • Recommendations for key changes to facilitate effective and efficient integration in the delivery of primary and community care services

Chair’s comments

Baroness Pitkeathley, Chair of the Committee, said:

“Primary and community care provide essential services to millions of people across England, but like much of the NHS, are now facing significant pressures. People are living longer with multiple and complex conditions, which has led to calls for a more integrated approach in delivering services that meet the needs of a changing population. Community care in particular has been overlooked and undervalued.

Our inquiry will consider how to integrate further the delivery of primary and community care provision to improve outcomes for patients. The Committee aims to conclude with practical and deliverable recommendations. We would like to hear from a range of individuals and organisations, from patients, carers and families to health professionals and researchers.”


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