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NPC Statement on Pre-Payment Meter suspensions

The National Pensioners’ Convention is issuing the following statement after energy regulator Ofgem announced that it is directing suppliers to suspend the forced installation of prepayment meters for six weeks.

Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the NPC commented: “The NPC is grateful for the intervention of the Regulator at Ofgem in terms of the forced pr

epayment meter fiasco. However, the suspension is for only six weeks, and we wonder what the Regulator hopes to achieve in that time? For those struggling with energy bills, it isn't just about energy companies being made to abide by their licensing conditions - it is about people who have had their lives disrupted; their homes broken into with little or no apology.


Energy companies continue to post ever increasing profits. The Regulator must get tough on companies and take some of that profit to pay compensation to those homes broken into and prepayment meters fitted without once seeking a better resolution.

The Regulator is there to protect customers - that's what they should be doing now and in the future. In acknowledging that there are those in society who don't pay their bills, even if they have the financial resources to do so, it is for the Regulator to work with energy companies to identify them and make arrangements for either the payment of bills or the fitting of a prepayment meter. It is not acceptable for energy companies to be able to return to indiscriminately cutting off energy to those who need it most.”


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NEWS - NPC Statement on Pre-PaymentMeter suspensions
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