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Only the NHS

We Own It, an organisation that campaigns for public ownership of our public services has just launched a brand new NHS campaign called Only the NHS.

Only the NHS:

  • Takes care of patients at A&E — the private sector doesn’t have A&E.

  • Trains our doctors and nurses — the private sector relies on NHS-trained staff.

  • Looks after all patients — the private sector cherry-picks.

Therefore, only the NHS can fix this waiting list crisis, if politicians make the choice to invest in it, and not in private hospital profits.

We are supporting their Only the NHS campaign because we believe it can have an impact.

As part of the launch of their campaign, they’ve released an open letter making this key demand today, signed by Dame Emma Thompson, Stephen Fry, Joe Lycett, Siobhan McSweeney, Aneira Thomas (the first baby born in the NHS) and 10 other public figures.

Here are two ways that you can help apply pressure on MPs around this demand this week as our NHS turns 75:

  • Join Dame Emma Thompson, Joe Lycett, Stephen Fry and others by adding your name to their open letter. You can add your name HERE.

  • Join their #OnlytheNHS picture action on Wednesday 5th July, on the 75th anniversary of the NHS. Find out how you can be involved in a few simple steps HERE.

Thank you for taking action and helping apply pressure on politicians this week.



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