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Transport Committee inquiry

The NPC recently responded to the House of Lord Transport Committee's inquiry on Accessible transport: legal obligations.

The Committee asked for written evidence that addresses the following points:

  • How effective is the current legislation aimed at ensuring accessible transport for all?

  • How can existing legislation be better enforced to make accessible transport a reality?

  • Are operators and local licensing authorities fulfilling their legal obligations to disabled travellers and travellers with other accessibility needs? If not, why not?

  • How well do complaints and compensation processes work when things go wrong?

  • Are there specific transport modes or kinds of journeys where compliance with legal obligations is especially patchy? Are there differences according to where in the country you are travelling? What difficulties does this cause for travellers with access needs?

  • How effective are the relevant regulators at enforcing accessibility in transport? These include the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Office of Rail and Road, Local Licensing Authorities [and the Civil Aviation Authority].

  • Do current legal obligations or guidance need to be strengthened?

  • What best practices should transport operators be following to improve their performance on access and inclusion for users?

  • How effective is the Government’s Inclusive Transport Strategy, and how well does it influence decision-making across transport policy? How could it be improved?

Further information about the inquiry can be found on

You can download the NPC response below

Accessible transport - legal obligations inquiry
Download DOCX • 53KB



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