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We Own It petition - Bring energy into public ownership now

Your energy bills are expected to go up by nearly £700 in April. While companies like BP are reporting eye watering profits of £9.5 billion!

But energy could work in public ownership for people and the planet - not profit. We Own It are calling on Rishi Sunak as the chancellor and Kwasi Kwarteng as the minister for energy to end the chaos in our energy system and commit to bringing energy into public ownership by the 1st of April.

By signing the petition you can tell Rishi Sunak and Kwasi Kwarteng to bring energy into public ownership now.

There are news stories everyday about the energy crisis we are facing.

Our energy system is broken. These are the solutions.

1) Introduce a permanent windfall tax on oil and gas companies like Shell and BP, at the same rate as Norway 2) Stop wasting money bailing out failing energy supply giants - set up a publicly owned energy supplier instead 3) Bring the privatised monopolies of the National Grid and regional distribution into public ownership

4) Set up a new state-owned renewable energy company to help tackle climate crisis

You can sign the petition on



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