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APPG Frozen British Pensions

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Frozen British Pensions thanked the National Pensioners Convention for submitting evidence to the APPG’s recent inquiry focused on the UK Government’s policy of not uprating UK state pensions in situations where the pensioner lives in a country that does not have a reciprocal uprating agreement with the UK.

The final report from the inquiry, can be downloaded below for your information.

The 2020 inquiry report reveals that both the Australian and Canadian Government are ready and willing to work with the UK to end the ‘frozen’ pension policy and have been calling on the UK to do so for many years.

The report also finds 1 in 2 ‘frozen’ pensioners receive a UK state pension of £65 per week or less, exposing the financial impact of this policy. Furthermore, it finds that almost 90% of ‘frozen’ pensioners were not informed that their pension would be ‘frozen’ before they left the UK.

The main recommendation of the report is that the UK Government end the ‘frozen’ pension policy and seek to provide UK pensioners living in ‘frozen’ countries with their full uprated UK state pension as soon as possible.

Download the APPG report below

2020 APPG report
Download PDF • 1.32MB



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