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Are you registered to vote?

The general election will be on 4th July, and parties are setting out their manifestos and campaigning has begun in earnest.

People will need to show photo ID at polling stations before they vote in the general election and the 18th June will be the last day to register to vote and the window for postal-vote applications closing the following day.

Around 14,000 people were unable to vote in the 2023 local elections because they did not have the correct ID. The true figure could be much higher as some people may have left after reading the ID requirements, without being formally recorded according to the Electoral Commission.

Make sure you registered to vote and aren't denied the chance to have your say.

Why do I need photo ID?

The government says it will stop votes being stolen, although this is quite unusual in the UK. The NPC was opposed to the introduction of Voter ID, as we believe it disenfranchises many people, and impacts more on those from marginalised communities, who may be unable to get the required ID.

In the past 5 years, there is no evidence of large-scale electoral fraud.

Of the 1,462 cases of alleged electoral fraud reported to police between 2019 and 2023, 10 led to convictions and the police issued 4 cautions. Most cases either resulted in the police taking no further action or were locally resolved by the police issuing words of advice.

Register to Vote

If you aren't registered to vote, you can find out how to register on the Electoral Commission website:

You can also contact the Electoral Commission by phone on 020 7271 0500 / 0333 103 1928. Or you can contact your local council.

Accepted Forms of ID

There are 22 acceptable forms of ID, including:

  • passports

  • driving licences

  • Older or Disabled Person's bus passes

  • Oyster 60+ cards

You can use out-of-date photo ID as long as you look the same. A full list can be found on:

What if I don't have an acceptable form of ID?

Anyone registered to vote without the correct ID - or who no longer looks like their photo - can apply for a free document known as a Voter Authority Certificate.



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