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Elderly Social Care (Insurance) Bill

As mentioned in the 'The Perfect Storm Behind Pensioner Poverty' webinar by Lord Prem Sikka, Lord Lilley has raised a Bill to establish a publicly owned body to provide insurance for home owners at cost against selling their homes to pay for elderly social care; and for connected purposes.

The briefing note does not support the Bill, which say it will at best will only benefit a few wealthy individuals. The state is being mobilised for their benefit and not for the benefit of providing social care to all, regardless of income and wealth. Through this Bill, the government may well be testing the waters to see how insurance-based Americanisation of healthcare is received. No doubt, in due course, similar ideas would be advanced for the NHS.

You can get full details the below link.

Download Lord Sikka's briefing note on the Bill

Prem Sikka Briefing Note – Elderly Social Care - Insurance Bill 2021
Download PDF • 138KB


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