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End of Life Care: How Well do Services Measure up?

There is an urgent need for reform of End of Life Care Services to make services available to everyone who needs them, and to improve the quality of many such services and address the equality issues.

The report, 'End of Life Care: how well do services measure up?' has been prepared by Christine Sanders on behalf of the NPC Health & Social Care Working Party, calls for a full Government-led review of End of Life Care provision including the part played by generalist services at the front line and into commissioning services across all Four Nations of the United Kingdom. 

You can download the report below

End of Life Care - final version
Download DOCX • 1.81MB

The National Pensioners' Convention gratefully acknowledges the information provided by NPC colleagues in Northern Ireland and Wales on services in those Nations; the Scottish Pensioners' Forum about services there, and the written statement provided by Hospice UK about the current situation of hospices which is included in full in this report.



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