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Experiences of Poverty in Later Life

More than two million older people are living in poverty in the UK. The Experiences of Poverty in Later Life project by Independent Age aims to amplify the voices of some of these older people, by highlighting the experiences of people facing financial hardship in later life.

The project is based upon a series of interviews Independent Age conducted between November 2021 and January 2022. Around 20 in-depth interviews were conducted with older people who were experiencing financial hardship. They spoke to older people from a range of backgrounds and perspectives, including older people of different ages, different genders, different ethnicities, different family situations, and different housing tenures.

From these interviews, they have created a series of concise, visual briefings. Each visual briefing addresses one of the key themes which emerged during Independent Age's research and includes stories and quotes from some of the older people they spoke to.

To find out more about a theme, click one of the images below.

Further information can be found on

Download the Independent Age report - Poverty In Later Life

IA Poverty in later life report Jan2022
Download PDF • 946KB


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