Health and Care Bill - letter to MPs

NPC General Secretary Jan Shortt has written to every MP asking that they oppose the Health and Care Bill. You can read the letter below

To: All MPs

Dear MP,

We are writing to you to ask you to oppose the government’s Health and Care Bill which is due to have its Second Reading in Parliament on Wednesday 14 July 2021.

The Bill would lead to:

· An increase in the rationing of healthcare – there will be a specific limit on the amount of money given to each Integrated Care System (ICS) in England. [1] Once that runs out, we are worried that people will be forced to go without the treatment they need or they will end up having to pay for healthcare.

· A postcode lottery – ICSs in England will each have to develop a plan for the health needs in their area. [2] There will be different plans for different areas, so we are concerned that the services that people will be able to access will vary depending on where they live.

· Big business at the heart of NHS decision-making and the delivery of services – this will put taxpayers’ money in the pockets of shareholders, and it will mean private companies may well have a say in how public money is spent [3] in the future and which health services are provided in a local area (and which are not).