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Health and Care Bill - Where is the resistance?

This government is not a friend of our NHS. Where is the resistance?

It’s right here:

Keep Our NHS Public. The BMA. Open Democracy. EveryDoctor. National Pensioners Convention. Public Matters. Socialist Health Association. 999 Call for the NHS. Health Campaigns Together. We Own It.

All of us together, together with YOU - we’re standing up against the government’s Corporate Takeover Bill that would open up our NHS to more privatisation.

And we’re getting results.

  • Jon Ashworth, Shadow Health Secretary, is coming out very strongly against the Bill after our joint lobbying of him

  • The Labour Party tabled an amendment calling for the Bill to be scrapped altogether

  • 218 MPs are taking a stand against this Bill and talking in our language about ‘a corporate takeover’ after all the pressure you’ve put on them

  • Three Conservative MPs voted against the Bill - prodded by your emails!

  • Health Secretary Sajid Javid himself is trying to offer reassurance that new NHS boards "will not be driven by any private interests"

  • Our polling out this week - thanks to donations from many of you - shows the majority of the public are AGAINST private companies sitting on NHS decision making boards

You can help the resistance today by sharing this video from Pascale explaining why we need to oppose this Bill now.

Let your family and friends know what’s happening and what we can do:



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