How do we bridge the Generation Gap?

NPC webinar asks those already doing it

Can the UK – one of the most age-segregated countries in the world* - improve life for all of us by bringing the generations closer together?

Tomorrow’s National Pensioners Convention webinar (Tuesday, 29th June) will hear from four inter-generational pioneers who are working in very different ways to close the age gap.

The final session of the NPC 2021 Annual Convention webinar series – Generations United: Bridging the Age Gap - will look at why understanding and trust between young and old is such a divisive and damaging issue.

Our guest speakers will outline the innovative initiatives they are working on to re-build understanding and trust between the generations, and how this can really benefit the whole of society.

The webinar, chaired by NPC President Ron Douglas, will hear from:

Denise Burke, Director, United for all Ages; Judith Ish-Horowicz MBE, Founder, Apples & Honey Nightingale Nursery for Toddlers and Older People; James Lynch, RMT youth intergenerational spokesperson; and ‘Rapping Nana Panda’ Joy France, Pensioner Poet & Battle Rapper

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary said: “Sadly, in this new digital age, much is made of the differences in understanding and attitudes between the generations. “Traditional family groups and bonds are not what they were when we were young, and the old are often grouped together in housing or homes, away from younger people, which can lead to further distancing and misunderstanding on both sides.”

“Uniting the generations is extremely important to NPC members, many of whom are parents, grandparents and indeed great grandparents. We value our young people and want to build a better understanding between us – and we believe that sharing of experiences has great benefits for all.

“The final webinar in our Annual Convention series, will hear from some remarkable people who are working to bring us closer together – people who see how important this is for us all. We even have TEDx talk granny, the ‘battle rapper’ Joy France, who competes with younger rappers under the name Rapping Nana Panda.