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How do we solve digital exclusion in a cost of living crisis?

The NPC recently responded to the House of Lords inquiry by the Communications and Digital Committee into digital exclusion and the cost of living.

They asked:

1. What are the main causes of digital exclusion in the UK? What is the economic and social impact?

2. How has the rising cost of living affected digital exclusion?

a) To what extent does digital exclusion exacerbate cost of living pressures?

b)What are the long-term implications of this relationship?

3. What are the obstacles to greater digital inclusion? Where is policy intervention likely to have the greatest impact over the next 12 months and 5 years?

a) To what extent would these changes help unlock economic growth?

4. How effective are Government initiatives at addressing digital exclusion? What further action is needed, and what should be done to provide offline access to services?

5. How well are existing industry initiatives (for example cheaper internet tariffs) addressing digital exclusion? How could they be enhanced?

6. How effective is civil society at supporting digital inclusion? How could this work be enhanced, and what is the appropriate balance between civil society and Government intervention?

7. What lessons can the UK learn from abroad?

You can download the NPC response below

HoL - How do we solve digital exclusion in a cost-of-living crisis_
Download DOCX • 56KB

Further information can be found on



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