Last ditch bid to save over 75's free TV licence

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

The National Pensioners’ Convention will protest outside Downing Street* and BBC offices on Thursday over the axing of free TV licences for all over 75’s.

(11.15am to 12noon, 30th July 2020).

Despite the Coronavirus threat, the UK’s largest campaigning group for older people plans to stage ‘safe and socially distanced’ actions across the country to show their anger at the loss of the benefit.

Members are targeting the official home of Prime Minister Boris Johnson in Downing Street, and the BBC’s ‘Pink Palace’ offices in Newcastle among others, in a bid to stop the broadcaster imposing the £157.50 fee on our oldest and most vulnerable before Saturday’s 1st August deadline.

Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the NPC said: “The NPC is disappointed that the Government has not stepped in to stop the BBC re-imposing the licence fee on our oldest citizens. The free TV licence for all over 75’s is a universal entitlement for older people who, particularly at the moment, rely on it for information and company. 

“That is why on Thursday morning, the fittest and healthiest of our older members will don their masks and gloves - and put sanitiser in their pockets - to join a static, and socially distanced demonstration, outside Downing Street - and where possible, outside BBC offices up and down the country.

“To impose means testing on over 75’s to determine who should receive the free licence, rather than giving it to them all, is simply wrong in a wealthy country like ours in the 21st century. Especially when so many are struggling to make ends meet on the basic state pension as it is, without finding the extra money to watch TV.”

The NPC is also continuing to push its social media campaign encouragi