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Make sure you have your say

The consultation on the plan to close hundreds of ticket offices in England closes on 1 September. So far, nearly 500,000 people have responded. Make sure you have your say!

The plans have been much criticised, as was the length and organisation of the consultation, with issues with accessible formats, preventing people from being able to respond to plans.

The National Pensioners’ Convention is calling for government and rail operators to urgently scrap plans to close virtually all rail station ticket offices. We would encourage you to respond to the consultation.

We believe that if these closures go ahead, it will be disastrous for passenger accessibility, safety, security and service, and therefore the proposals must be rejected.

NPC General Secretary said: “The closures will have huge consequences for those who cannot get online to buy a rail ticket because they don’t have, or cannot use a computer or smartphone. It effectively discriminates against them by removing their access to travel, or their ability to get better priced ticket deals.”


The consultation details can be found below

Train station ticket office consultation

More information on how to respond to the consultation:

For ticket offices in and around London, passengers should contact London TravelWatch.

For further information please contact: Kieran Watkins, Head of communications, or call the press office on 0300 123 2170


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Gillian Heywood
Gillian Heywood
30. Aug. 2023

My daughter is the president of tssa and held a small demo at derby station last week. I also travel by train frequently so I used the help at the stations as I am disabled and need the ramp to get on and off the trains. Also I need help at the stations to get the right tickets. I protest most strongly as this is discrimination against the more mature persons male as well as female

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