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NI rise not enough to cover social care crisis

Likely government rise in NI is ‘not enough’ to solve the crisis in our struggling care sector

The National Pensioners’ Convention says the government’s rumoured rise in National Insurance is not enough to rescue the UK’s struggling care sector.

The UK’s largest campaign group for older people also fears the suggested cap on care bills, will not stop people having to sell their homes to pay for the care they need at the most vulnerable time of their lives.

In fact, it may drive more into the arms of the equity release industry, and to families finding that they have no clear control over the capital in their parents’ homes.

Jan Shortt, the General Secretary of the NPC commented:

“The percentage increase in National Insurance - whatever the government decides - will not deal with the crisis in social care, or replace funding lost by the NHS.

“Capping the cost of care will not make inroads into what is a grossly underfunded system. It also goes against the PM's statement that nobody would have to sell their houses to pay for care. In fact it will drive more into the arms of equity release companies.

“Only radical change to a National Care Service funded by taxation, free at the point of need for everyone, will bring a publicly accountable service.

As it stands there are still questions over how much of the NI or tax raised from this increase will actually go towards the struggling care sector, as the government seeks to cover the costs of playing catch up with the NHS waiting lists.

“Over 10 years of funding cuts to the NHS and care has left both services in crisis. The spending priorities of the government are not in tune with the needs of the population.


You can download the statement below

NEWS - Tax rise will NOT solve social care crisis says NPC campaigners
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