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NPC Statement on end of Covid-19 Restrictions

PM says we will see more deaths

NPC asks ‘have we not had too many already?’

Many older and vulnerable people will be afraid to go out after July 19 ‘free-for-all’

The UK’s biggest campaigning organisation for older people is concerned that the easing of Covid-19 restrictions on July 19 could make many fearful about going out again.

The National Pensioners’ Convention says while we all long for a return to normality, the new Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s statement that we could have up to 100,000 new cases of Coronavirus per day by summer is frightening.

The NPC also fears the 50 deaths a day being projected by many health experts due to the ending of restrictions, are once again likely to be among our oldest and most vulnerable.

Jan Shortt, General Secretary of the NPC commented: “The Prime Minister has already said that infections will rise, and that we will see more deaths - have we not had too many already?

“We urge the government to give clear guidance on keeping safe, including the wearing of masks in public places and on public transport for the good of everyone.”

She added: “Many older people are concerned and worried about the message from the government on ending lockdown. The 'free-for-all' depicted in the information from government sources is making older people (and potentially others in society) anxious about going out into crowds and being targeted because they are either wearing a mask or not.

“Those of us who are happy with the new freedoms must respect people who have good reasons to want to be part of society again but feel the need to still take precautions. Their fears should be understood and respected.’

Jan added: “It seems this government cannot be clear on any question of safety for the population with the expectation that everyone will take responsibility for themselves.

There are many areas of concern for the NPC, none more so than the safety of those older people who may need to travel on buses or trains, venture into crowded shops and walk down crowded streets.

“The fact that second vaccinations are rising is only one part of keeping the infections at bay. Other protections, like wearing a face mask, washing your hands and respecting a bit of social distancing are still needed.”


Download the press release.

NEWS - Older people will fear going out after 'freedom day' on July 19
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