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NPC Statement on the Annual Convention 2022

It is with a great deal of regret that we inform you that the Annual Convention due to take place in Southport in June 2022 has been cancelled. This is not what we would have wanted, but after circulating national and regional affiliated groups, the number of members making a commitment to attend was much lower than we had hoped. Our Executive Committee set a minimum of 350 members as a marker, and we did not get anywhere near that target. That figure of 350 is already well down on the 500-plus that normally attend.

Having said that, we feel we owe our members something in the way of a face-to-face gathering in June 2022 and have given consideration to what we might achieve. However, we also feel that our members should have an opportunity to contribute to our thinking around an alternative that is not solely based online.

Our thinking so far:

1. A one-day event based in London; and/or

2. A one-day event based in those regions (perhaps combined regions) who have accessible meeting venues and transport for travel.

3. Depending on how regions are able to respond, we would want to ensure everyone can participate and may suggest a series of dates and times.

4. Where possible/practical, all events will be hybrid as there may well still be issues with meeting spaces and those unable to travel.

To those very patient members who had already paid for the 2020 Convention, we will be writing to you with the offer of a refund – unless you wish us to retain it as a donation in your name. You will hear from us early in 2022.

Of course, with the ever-changing environment of variants to the virus, we have no way of knowing what the situation will be in June 2022. But we will work towards the choices you make and keep everything crossed!!

Once again, we apologise that things have not turned out the way we would all wish, and many thanks to those who did indicate that they would have attended in Southport. We hope to hear from you with comments on the proposals so far and any ideas for content that you would want to see. If you could let us know by 1st March 2022 it will help us move forward.

It has been a long and difficult time for our members, and we absolutely appreciate your continued support for the work that we do.

With very best wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and hopefully a much improved 2022.

NPC Officer Team

Download the statement below

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