Prof Sir Michael Marmot to join panel debate on government’s NHS Health & Care Bill

The future of the NHS and UK care sector - and the threat of privatisation - will be discussed at the next NPC Annual Convention webinar on Monday, 21 June, 2021 (2pm to 4pm).

World leading health care expert Professor Sir Michael Marmot will join Johnbosco Nwogbo of public services watchdog We Own It, and Tracey Jarrett of Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum for the third in the National Pensioners’ Convention webinar series this June.

The speakers will give presentations on the state of the UK health and care system in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, and provide their views on the government’s new NHS Health and Care Bill. They will also discuss what the continuing delay in the government’s much vaunted social care reform means for an already creaking sector.

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary, and Chair of the webinar, said: “This is a very important discussion for our members, who genuinely fear what the government is planning for the NHS and our social care system.

“Despite government promises that the new Bill - and their long-awaited social care reform - will integrate and transform both services for the better, the NPC has serious concerns about what is being proposed.

“There are clear signs that, despite their denials they are preparing to sell off NHS services to the private sector and to US investors. With fewer tendering checks in place as proposed in the new Bill, what is there to stop them?

“We will hear from three speakers who understand the implications for us all in these proposals. I hope as many people as possible register for the event to listen to what they have to say, as it is vitally important to us all!”

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