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Rail station ticket office changes – have your say

Passengers are being asked for their views on the proposed closure of the majority of ticket offices in England. As part of the public consultation, independent watchdog, Transport Focus, wants to hear from passengers. They will use these comments to respond to the proposals.

The National Pensioners’ Convention is calling for government and rail operators to urgently scrap plans to close virtually all rail station ticket offices. We would encourage you to respond to the consultation.

NPC General Secretary said: “The closures will have huge consequences for those who cannot get online to buy a rail ticket because they don’t have, or cannot use a computer or smartphone. It effectively discriminates against them by removing their access to travel, or their ability to get better priced ticket deals.”

Passengers with comments about any of the changes, should get in touch by Wednesday 26 July. For ticket offices in and around London, passengers should contact London TravelWatch.

Transport Focus will look into whether the changes will impact the ability to buy a ticket or other rail products, the level of staff presence at stations and operators’ ability to deliver services for disabled passengers.

Anthony Smith, chief executive of the independent watchdog Transport Focus, said:

“It’s important for people to have their say. We urge passengers to look at the proposals and tell us what the ticket office changes might mean for them. Transport Focus will make sure passengers’ views are heard.”

It is a regulatory requirement as part of this process that Transport Focus and passengers are consulted. Transport Focus will review the impact of the proposed changes and passenger comments received before responding to train operator proposals.

Notes to editors

How to get in touch

More information on how to respond to the consultation:

For ticket offices in and around London, passengers should contact London TravelWatch.

For further information please contact: Kieran Watkins, Head of communications, or call the press office on 0300 123 2170

Train station ticket office consultation



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