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Save Our Services

Our services are disappearing and with Austerity 2.0 on the way, the rate at which they disappear will only gather pace, unless we act.

People are having difficulties accessing public transport, banks and cash, health & social care appointments, as well as good quality housing and many other services.

The 'digital-first' push which in many cases is really 'digital only' excludes many older people who are not online and results in them have higher costs and unable access basic services.

Services lost now, may never return, and we need you to act. Where you see your local services disappearing, we would encourage you to write to your MP, to your local authority and to respond to the consultations about the services in your area.

The NPC campaigns at national and regional levels so that people have the right to choice and that they can have access to services that work for them.

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Save Our Services
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