Shadow DCMS Secretary to challenge Nadine DorriesMP over scams&digital choice at their first meeting

Scams & right to choose alternatives to internet comms to be raised with new Culture Secretary

The Shadow Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport said she is ‘not surprised’ that older people are afraid to use the internet over scamming fears.

Jo Stevens MP told today’s (1 Oct) National Pensioners’ Convention webinar on digital exclusion that urgent action is needed to tackle online fraud, starting with ‘meaningful’ measures to be added to the government’s new Online Safety Bill.

And she told NPC members that she would raise their request that organisations offer people who are not online, a choice of means to communicate other than digital, when she has her first meeting with her opposite number, the new DCMS Secretary of State, Nadine Dorries MP.

The Shadow Secretary said: “We’ve waited for nearly five years for the Online Safety Bill… the Government promised world leading legislation on online safety. Unfortunately, all we have currently, is a weak and watered-down Bill that doesn’t even satisfy the basic duty of government – to keep its citizens safe. Fraud is now the most commonly experienced crime.*

We urgently need the Online Safety Bill and we need it to be fit for purpose now and for the future.

So, this is a test for the new Secretary of State for Digital – is she going to accept that doing nothing is no longer an option. That her government leaving millions of citizens at risk of financial crime online is unacceptable? And that the long list of victims cannot and must not grow longer and longer?”

The Shadow Secretary added that she understood the NPC call for choice when it came to digital communication when many people were not online.