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Stop Palantir's NHS data takeover!

Next Tuesday afternoon, Just Treatment will deliver a petition to 10 Downing Street. It’s their petition against US spy tech firm Palantir getting the £480m contract to run the NHS Federated Data Platform.

The NPC fully supports this petition, which is currently at just over 12,000 signees. Please could you add your name now, and help it get over 15,000 by the time we hand it in?

Just Treatment is a UK-based organisation dedicated to protecting the National Health Service. They’ve been campaigning to stop Palantir, because they know that a spy tech company like Palantir can’t be trusted with NHS patient data. They also know from experience that once private companies get a toehold in the NHS, they suck money out of the system, and it’s incredibly hard to get rid of them.

The petition to Number 10 is just the latest tactic in our collective efforts to stop Palantir. We’ve been part of a Foxglove lead challenge to Palantir's involvement in our NHS in the courts, in the media, and in parliament.

Getting this deal stopped is not going to be easy – but we are starting to see more MPs raise questions and concerns, after pressure from Foxglove and NPC supporters. The bigger the petition, the bigger a signal it sends to Rishi Sunak and his staff that the pressure won’t go away.

Please add your name in time for it to be counted on Tuesday:

Sign the petition on:



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