The NHS Data Grab – we do the government’s job and explain it for you

The below document is by way of an open, honest explanation of the NHS Digital Data project and the many questions still unanswered by the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care.

It lays out for the general public why we are concerned about what happens to the data in the future.

We are still in difficult times with COVID restrictions, but I urge you to spread this document as far and wide as you possibly can with members of your own group and in community accesses like libraries, shops etc.

The Secretary of State has done nothing to ensure that every patient is aware of the project, the deadline for opting out, and the crucial answers to third party access, safety and security of your data. We are trying (with our coalition partners) to get to as many people as we can who are not digitally connected.

Thank you for your help and stay safe.

Best wishes


Jan Shortt

General Secretary

National Pensioners Convention