We Own It - The privatisation of the NHS Supply Chain

We Own It held a webinar on the privatisation of the NHS supply chain.

Watch the webinar and get the notes below.

Further details about We Own It can be found on their website https://weownit.org.uk/blog/no-more-contracts-mps-mates

The National Audit Office released a shocking report last week on the procurement of PPE at the height of the pandemic in the spring.

The report found that a 'high priority' channel for sourcing PPE had been set up, with companies in that channel being ten times more likely to receive a contract than those that weren't.

So what did it take to be included in that channel? Longstanding experience in manufacturing or sourcing PPE? A proven track record of delivering safe and effective equipment on a tight deadline?

No. In order to be included in the 'high priority' channel, in order to be ten times more likely to receive a contract to deliver PPE, all you needed was for your company to have a connection to an MP, a government minister or a member of the House of Lords.

This is crooked and it's corrupt - pure and simple.

Taking just one example - Ayanda Capital - it's clear how absurd this all is. Ayanda Capital was paid £155 million in a deal brokered by an advisor to the Board of Trade which saw 50 million masks bought, none of which could be used by NHS workers.