Webinar Series - Opening Rally

Updated: Jun 18

The virtual NPC Annual Convention commences with the traditional opening rally, but in a new online format.

June 8 - 10:30am - 12:00 noon

Annual Convention Opening Rally

See the programme and details of the speakers below.

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Chair & Speakers


  • Ron Douglas - President, National Pensioners Convention


  • Gail Cartmail - President, TUC & Assistant General Secretary, Unite The Union

‘NPC – the pensioners’ champion.’ The TUC President discusses the important role of the NPC in fighting for the rights of older people, and the need for intergenerational co-operation to protect pensioners’ rights.

  • Jackie Killeen - Director of Compliance, Equality & Human Rights Commission

‘Age & The Equality Act – Defending Your Human Rights.’ The EHRC Director will discuss how the pandemic highlighted endemic ageism in society, and what legal rights older people have to defend themselves.

  • Rosa Curling & Cori Crider - Directors, Foxglove Data Watch

‘The NHS Digital data ‘scrape’ – a plea for a public consultation.’ The data watchdog directors will outline fears over NHS Digital’s plan to extract all personal health records from GP’s, with hardly any consultation or publicity – and what the dangers are in them doing so. (The last date anyone can opt-out of the data extraction - online only - is 23 June).

  • Jan Shortt - General Secretary, National Pensioners Convention