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Westminster rally will demand Chancellor acts to end Cold Home Winter Deaths

Updated: Feb 21

National Pensioners’ Convention members will join a major Cold Homes Kill protest across from Parliament as the Chancellor stands to deliver his Spring Budget on 6th March.

The NPC, Unite Community, and the Fuel Poverty Action (FPA) want the government to act to end the totally avoidable deaths of thousands of people across the UK each year because they cannot heat their homes.

By rallying at 12pm on College Green, Westminster – and in towns and cities around the country* - we aim to make our voices heard just before Chancellor Jeremy Hunt gets up to deliver his key pre-election Budget.

But despite figures showing how many die from health conditions related to living in cold homes –there were 4,950 excess winter deaths in 2023/24 alone** - we fear the Chancellor’s Budget will fail to address the crisis.

NPC General Secretary Jan Shortt said: “We hope as many people as possible support our Budget Day protests calling for an end to the scandal of people in the UK dying because of the cold.

At a time when the NHS and care services are struggling to cope, high heating costs and poorly insulated homes are the cause of many hundreds of thousands more, often older and vulnerable people ending up in hospital due to cold related illnesses. This is a totally avoidable tragedy of disastrous proportions.”

Jan added that the Government’s Warm Homes Discounts, Cold Weather Payments and Winter Fuel Payments simply do not meet the level of need.  

She said: “What is needed is emergency support in the short term, and a long-term programme to upgrade millions of poorly insulated homes, and deal with ever-increasing heating bills. While energy providers continue to hike up their profits, people are struggling and dying.

“But until we have a basic level of free fuel, a removal of the energy standing charge, and a complete end of the force-fitting of fuel prepayment meters in the homes of those who fall behind with their bills, along with evictions of those who cannot pay, we will continue to see many more deaths.”

Further details of all the Budget Day Protests will be issues shortly.


The London protest will gather at 12:00 noon at College Green (Abingdon Street Gardens) for speeches, followed by a march to Downing Street.

Events are also expected in:












Contact to find an event near you.

**End Fuel Poverty Coalition analysis of the latest government statistics that show there were 4,950 excess winter deaths in the UK caused by living in cold homes in winter 2022/23 – and that is thought to be a lower figure because of last year’s milder winter.


Download the press release

NEWS - NPC to join Budget Day Protest - FINAL
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