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What must be done to help older renters?

An important new report by Independent Age says the current private rented sector in England is not fit for the growing number of older people who must rely upon it and deserve a place to call home.

After consulting with older renters and the housing sector, Independent Age is calling for action to ensure they have affordable and safe homes where they can stay long term.

The report states: ‘The unmet needs of older renters mean there should be no delay in improving their situation. The current rental challenges need consistent and coherent approaches from central and local government.

This should include aspiring towards enabling as many older people on a low income to be housed in the social housing sector in the long term, and taking bold action in the short term to improve the security and affordability of private rented homes.

‘Delivering this requires rethinking how we invest in housing – through initiatives like the Affordable Homes Programme, which primarily manages government housing investment in England – and how we can use national regulations and local authority powers to change expectations of the private rented sector. ‘

Read the full Independent Age report below (downloadable pdf)

Download PDF • 2.18MB



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