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Write to your MP to Save the Triple Lock!

The National Pensioners’ Convention urges everyone who cares about our oldest and most vulnerable to write to their local MP to save the ‘triple lock.’

The NPC fears the government is set to ditch the measure – a 2019 Manifesto pledge - to guarantee an inflation-proof state pension rise next spring.

With prices spiralling and millions of older people already having to choose between eating or heating, we are asking everyone to email or write to their MPs ahead of the 17th November Budget, when it’s thought the Chancellor may axe the triple lock.

Before it’s too late…

Write to your MP to Save the Triple Lock!

“It’s a life or death issue for our oldest”

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary said: “This is a life or death issue for many of our oldest and most vulnerable people. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Jeremy Hunt must stop pontificating on the triple lock and commit to the restoration of the full rate of inflation next year.

“We should remember that this is not just about today’s older people – we all get older and if we fail to save the triple lock now, tomorrow’s pensioners face a grim, impoverished future.”

Many of the NPC’s million-plus members have spoken of how worried they are that the government will not keep its Manifesto triple lock promise – a measure which should ensure pensions rise by the greater of the previous September's inflation rate (10.1% in September 22), wage growth or 2.5pc.

Jan said: “It’s well known that older people spend more of their fixed incomes on energy, so they have to cut spending on other essentials like food. One in five already live in poverty – if pensions fail to keep up with prices next spring I fear we’ll see many more unable to cope, and a rise in winter deaths. So I urge everyone to write to their MP asking that they vote against any move by the government to use the upcoming Budget to axe or water down the triple lock.”

The NPC, the UK’s largest campaign group run for and by older people, has drafted a template letter which people can use to write or email their MPs as a matter of urgency.

So far, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt have failed to commit to increasing the triple lock or any other benefits in line with inflation. Axing them is seriously rumoured to be part of the cost-saving cuts the government is considering to offset the country’s multi-billion pound deficit.

The campaign to save the triple lock is gathering pace across the UK, with many older people’s organisations making the call, and an Express petition now standing at more than 267,000 signatures.

Jan commented: “To its shame, the UK has one of the poorest state pensions in the developed world. Its value has been eroded over decades, despite the overtures of the Pensions’ Minister that we are protected.

“Our spending power has decreased to a pitiful level, and the 3.1% rise in pensions in April 2022 was immediately swallowed up by energy prices and inflation across a range of essentials. Even with a 10% rise, the basic state pension will still be less than half the earnings of a person on the National Living Wage. We need to save next year’s triple lock now.”

Download the press release

NEWS - Pensions Triple Lock - Chancellor must save it - FINAL
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Download the template letter to MPs
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