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NPC Annual Convention - Interactive Webinar - Agenda

NPC Annual Convention Webinar - 11am-12.45pm, Thursday, 16 June, 2022


New Health & Care Act – What It Means for Local NHS Services

The public have been largely kept in the dark over how badly the new Act will impact on struggling services in England from July. To explain the full implications and discuss how people can campaign to save their much-valued local NHS and care services, the NPC is holding this interactive summit. Our panellists will discuss the issues for patients and hard pressed health workers, along with concerns over the weakening of public accountability and the increasing privatisation of services. We will discuss what the public can do in response, and give attendees a chance to have their say on the issues in breakout sessions. ______________________________________________________________________________

11.00 – Welcome

Jan Shortt, NPC General Secretary & introduces:

Sharon Graham, General Secretary, Unite

Dr Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair, KONP

Jonathan Safir, Event Manager (NPC Admin & Information)

Jan outlines the Webinar Theme & Jonathan the Format.

11.05 – Jan Introduction - Introduces Discussion Issues.

11.15 – Dr Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair, Keep Our NHS Public (KONP).

11.30 - Questions

11.35 – Sharon Graham,General Secretary, Unite the Union.

11.50 - Questions

11.55 – Jan & JonathanIntroduce & Explain Break-Out Sessions.

12.10 – Delegates Return from Break-Out & Panel Discussion:

Chairs feedback/questions.

12.30 – Sharon Graham & Dr Tony O’Sullivan - final statements.

12.45 - Jan Shortt - concludes the event and thanks everyone.

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Download the agenda

AGENDA - NPC Webinar NHS Health and Care Act - Thursday 16 June 2022 FINAL
Download PDF • 141KB


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