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NPC Annual Convention 2022

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

The NPC Annual Convention is being held in two stages this year with two online sessions in June and a live, one-day conference in September (details to be announced shortly). The opening June event will be an interactive webinar on the controversial Health & Care Act now coming into effect. The free-to-attend session on Thursday, 16th will hear from Sharon Graham, General Secretary of Unite which represents 100,000 health workers, and Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair of Keep Our NHS Public (KONP). The webinar will give attendees the chance to join breakout sessions to discuss ways of maintaining local accountability for health services. The second webinar on Tuesday, 21st June, is an briefing requested by NPC members on the Assisted Dying Bill, with Dr Jacky Davis of the organisation Dignity in Dying

Thursday, 16th June (11am to 12.30/1pm)



Sharon Graham, General Secretary UNITE

Tony O’Sullivan, Co-Chair, Keep Our NHS Public

NPC Chair, Jan Shortt

Passed by Parliament in April, the controversial new Act will see systemic changes to the organisation and accountability of regional health services, starting with the replacement of CCGs (Clinical Care Groups) by the new ICBs (Integrated Care Boards) from the 1st July 2022. The Act also gives the Secretary of State more powers to intervene in decisions about changes to local services and to direct NHS England. However, the Act will not tackle the immediate pressures facing the health and care system. Our panellists will discuss the issues for patients and hard pressed health workers, and the overall public accountability of local and regional services – and what NPC members can do to ensure changes are for the better. The free to attend, Zoom webinar will also feature short sessions allowing smaller groups of delegates to discuss their questions in small, break-out ‘rooms’ from the main session.

To register for the event, please use the link below

Tuesday, 21st June (11.45am to 12.30pm)



Dr Jacky Davis, Board Member, Dignity in Dying & BMA Medical Ethics Committee

NPC Chair, Jan Shortt

Assisted Dying is a powerful but divisive issue across society, with strong arguments on both sides as to whether it should ever become law. At the moment, Baroness Meacher’s Private Members’ Assisted Dying Bill is going through the committee stages of the House of Lords. At the request of many NPC members we have invited Dignity in Dying, chaired by the Baroness, which was established to make the case for assisted dying. As the Baroness is currently unwell, Dr Jacky Davis from Dignity in Dying will give a presentation on what the Bill actually intends. The NPC holds no position or opinion either way on the debate – we are simply offering a briefing. We have not, at the request of Officers, invited anyone opposed to assisted dying to take part as we did not want to turn the briefing into a potentially distressing debate. However, Jan as Chair, will put the views of opponents, as well as NPC members’ questions to Dr Davis. Jan will also stress throughout that the NPC does not support one argument over the other.

To register for the event, please use the link below


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